If you have moved abroad and are looking for a primary school then you are most welcome to visit our school. In our school we teach our students the value of being a great world citizen. In Holland we have the saying: “the ability to stand sturdy on your feet”. It means that besides knowledge and skills, we want our children to grow up with belief in themselves and self efficacy – the belief that they are capable of learning (pretty much anything as long as they put their mind to it). And if they don’t succeed at once, they learn it is not a failure, but they learn to persevere. 


Our school is in many ways a typical Dutch school, except for the fact that we teach English from grade 1. We have high expectations of our students and set a high standard for the quality of our education. We work hard to make sure that our vision, our methods are carried out in a structured way from grade 1 through 8. We don’t believe in trends, but we do believe in good, modern (evidence based) education. We want our students to enjoy learning, to be involved, to participate and to be active during class. We invoke this behavior by the way we teach and the methods that we use; they are cooperative and goal oriented. 


In our school we find it important to pay attention to the atmosphere in the classroom. We know each other by name! Our students know that they can be themselves and are loved for it. We care for each other and we take care of each other, we are a group and we respect our differences. Throughout the school we teach according to the democratic system of ‘De Vreedzame School’. That means we teach all of our students democratic values, we teach them how to resolve issues (problem solving skills), listen to each other and even to mediate between students. It is our highest goal that students experience that the school is theirs – ours and we all have a responsibility to keep it the way that we want it. This is founded in our Christian belief. We cherish the relationship with our parents, we consider you and the school as strong partners in the upbringing of our students, your children. If you feel curious about our school, please feel free to contact us for more information and a tour of the school!